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Uluru National Park / Ayers Rock Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

Do not leave Australia without getting a glimpse of the Uluru (Ayers Rock), located in Australia's Northern Territory. This is one piece of advice most tourists and natives of Australia will likely tell you. The Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is the world’s second largest free standing monolith.

Uluru Ayers Rock Australia

This scenic wonder is more than a tourist attraction. It is actually a sacred site for the Pitjantjatjara or Anangu, the largest group of Aborigines in Australia. In fact, the main reason why Uluru is the official name for it is because this was the name chosen by the Anangu people. Ayers Rock is just an English appellation for it, taken from a 19th century Australian governor named Sir Henry Ayers.
While Mt. Augustus, the largest monolith in the whole world, is more than twice the size of the Uluru, the latter has a more climactic appearance. It resembles a fiery iceberg in the middle of the desert with its tip being its only visible part. The rest of its body extends deep into the ground.
Uluru’s greatest charm does not lie in its size but in its changing colors. Its hues dramatically change throughout the day with grey, yellow, red and orange included in its palette. The stunning changes in the hues of these colors not only depend on the time of the day but also on the weather, your distance from it and your viewing angle.
If you want to see Uluru at its best, you should come early in the morning or stay until late afternoon for its most stunning colors appear during sunrise and sunset. While summer brings with it the fieriest hues of Ayers Rock, it is recommended that you avoid visiting during this season. If it’s your only available time, be prepared to brave a desert with a 38°C to 45°C temperature. Expect also to tour with flies as your companions as summer is their favorite time to breed.
It should be noted that Ayers Rock rises from the broad desert plain in Northern Territory, Australia. It is really an interesting place to be since we notice many testimonials on the internet for people who have worked in some of the restaurants that are found around this place. It is said to be the Australia’s most recognisable icon which is also known as the Uluru. It forms the Uluru National Park which is actually one of the famous national parks in the Northern Territory of Australia. We also realise that it is located 440km south west of Alice Springs in THR Uluru-Kata Tjuta National park. The rock stands about 348 metres high and most of its bulk is below the surface which makes it to have a very firm base. It is characterised by many aboriginal cultural significance which belong to the Anangu traditional landowners. This makes Ayers Rock one of the most visited areas in the Northern Territory since it attracts many people from all over the world.
The location of the Ayers Rock is strategic and is quite accessible. People have no problem visiting the place and thus cars or buses can be used to reach to this place. There is car hire in the neighbouring towns and this makes it possible for visitors who do not have personal cars to reach the place and tour the place. People also board planes from Sydney and land in the nearby towns which have airports and people can hire cars from there in order to reach Ayers Rock. Touring Scooters are also available to take people around the place which makes transportation simple around this place. Visitors Center is located near the town and people enjoy very much especially during school holidays or long weekends. Accommodation is available for the visitors and the population of the town seems to increase during the peak time when many visitors to the town are expected to tour the place. It is advisable to book accommodation as early as possible to avoiding missing simply because they get filled during the peak times since the town is small and cannot accommodate all visitors who come to enjoy the natural beauty around this place.
There are several attractions around the Ayers Rock one being the rock itself. Many people come to pay this place a visit in order to have a whole view of this famous rock which stands a height of 348 metres. There is also Watarrika National Park which lies 300km to the north east of the Ayers Rock and approximately a 4 hour drive by road. This park is believed to contain the extinct animals like dinosaurs and many people come to have a look at them.
Many attractions for example the Kings Canyon which is got 300 metres high sandstone walls can be found around the Ayers Rock. This place is also famous because of the Uluru National Park which has a lot of wildlife. People also like visiting the Ayers Rock Resort Visitors Centre.

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