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General Tourist Information About Australia.

Australia is a country blessed with beautiful landscapes and numerous exotic plants and animals, making it one of the prime tourist spots around the world. Whether you're headed to the land down under as a tourist or you're looking to become a proud resident of this massive and majestic country, before you head to Australia, you need to know more about the continent. Let our site be your online guide to the wonders of Australia, its culture and booming economy. Read all about this fantastic continent through our extensive and informative travel content for your Australia trip.


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Australia General Tourist Information - information about the Australian continent, population etc.

Visa, ETAs and Australia Entry Information - Australian Visas & ETAs, Customs, cash and foreign currency regulations, passenger movement charge, luggage inspection, etc.

Australian Climate - info about Australian climatic zones and climate in the different Australian states.

Australia Transportation Information - getting there & around.

Australian Cuisine - food and drinks in Australia.

Australian Beaches - safety in the Australian sand and surf.

Camping in Australia - outdoor tours, bush trips info & safety tips.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Australia - bars, clubs, discos and more.

Australian Ski Resorts Holidays - most popular winter destinations for snow sports in Australia.

Australian Aboriginals - aboriginal tribes, customs & traditions, cultural heritage.

Australian Flora - info about interesting flora species & Australian flowers.

Australian Fauna - animal & Australian wildlife.

Australian Birds - species & bird watching in Australia.

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