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The Australian Capital Territory is a part of New South Wales and is situated in its south-eastern part – the only region without a coastline. It occupies an area of 2400 sq km with over 300 000 inhabitants. In this region is the capital of Australia – Canberra. The Australian Capital Territory was separated from New South Wales especially for creating the capital. It consists mainly of plains and grasslands, most of which are national parks or reserves.
Canberra is equally distanced from Sydney and Melbourne and was officially selected to be the capital in 1908. Its name comes from Aboriginal and means “meeting place”. The centerpiece of Canberra is an artificial lake called Burley Griffin, after the architect who designed the capital.


In this territory there are three contrasting landforms – urban lowlands in the north, including undulating hills and the flood plains of the Murrumbidgee and Molonglo Rivers; forested mountain slopes and uplands in the south and west with ridges and high mountain peaks (above 1800m).
In the Australian Capital Territory you can see eucalyptus trees and wattles, platypus and echidna (which are egg-laying mammals), possums, wombats, kangaroos and many bird and reptile species.

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