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Darwin, northern territory Australia is a famous and well known city. The city is situated on the bank of Timor Sea. This city has dense population and has an estimated population of 120,000. High population makes the city the most populated city of northern territory in Australia. Although, it is a populous city yet among the other capital cities of Australia it has less population. This city acts as the last corner of Australia that’s why it is called as the top end center of region.


There are several cultures in this city which make Darwin, northern territory Australia a multicultural city. This city is a blend of modern and old cultures because both cultures and traditions are present in this city on equal basis. The importance of this city has been magnified because it act as a gateway to Asia and other countries of the world as Australia is a separate continent having no land connection with rest of the world. It makes the connection of Australia with neighbor countries such as Timor, Philippines, Indonesia and Japan. There is a super highway known as Stuart highway that leads to other cities of Australia especially to port Augusta in southern Australia.
Darwin, northern territory Australia is situated on a harbor. The harbor is present on sea Timor from where all tourists go to main city and its suburbs. The harbor of this city acts as a barrier between the sea and land of the Australia. The super highway or Stuart highway starts from lee point and leads to main city and the suburbs because it’s the only super highway which has capacity to upload a burden of traffic. Although, there are many other highways but Stuart highway is the best option for the people because it reduces the distances so you can save your time.
The climate of Darwin, northern territory Australia is tropical. Further it is divided in tropical savannah where the temperature remains same through out the year. The climate of this city is wet and dry depending on the seasons and rainfalls. The dry season remains active from May to October. In this season the temperature becomes warm and dry because of low humidity level of 30 % in the entire dry season. Good months according to climate are June and July in which the city receives little rainfalls. The temperature in these two months becomes low (14 centigrade).
Wet season of Darwin, northern territory Australia starts with monsoon rains. The monsoon rainfalls create heavy rainfall in this area in December. The series remains active until March. In wet season the thunderstorms are common and the average humidity of this area increases up to 75-80 percent. The wet season receives high rainfalls but the weather of the Darwin, northern territory Australia remains warm and cloudy for most of the time. The industry of tourism is flourishing in this area because most of the Europeans and Australian people like to take sun baths to enjoy the warm humid and cool weather of Darwin, northern territory Australia.

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